What does it mean to be a Sovereign Being?

As a sovereign being, you acknowledge, embrace, and live according to your full authority and power over your life.

What does it mean to be a Sovereign Being?

Life can be challenging and rough. It certainly does not always feel as if we truly have the power to shape it in the way we would like to. However, since I was young, I felt it must be possible, somehow. Yet, I found out that all the ways many people claim it is possible did not work for me.

So I realized that: No matter how much I read, learn, and change based on other people's paths and trajectories, it is not what will bring me there. Instead, I needed to carve out my own path. To be able to do so, I had to let go of everything I was, knew, and possessed, and heal the deep wounds I carried with me.

Ground Zero

This letting go did not start as intentionally as it may sound. It just started to happen. And while it happened, I could see myself heading straight for Ground Zero, as I like to call it.

Ground Zero is where everything you think you know, are, or think you would never lose, has come crumbling down. There is nothing left, and there is no certainty as to whether or not you will get out.

Now, I am definitely not advocating for anyone to do the same. Part of why I write and offer my support is to help you reclaim your sovereignty without having to necessarily reach Ground Zero first. Or, if it does happen, I hope my articles may help you feel that you do not have to do it all by yourself.

Some of the gifts Ground Zero brought me are:

  • Once I had nothing left to lose, there was (almost) nothing left to fear.
  • By facing the intense fears that came up while heading for Ground Zero, I got a completely new (valuable) perspective on life. I started to see how much is actually based on fear. And I, personally, don't want that to be a basis in my life in whatever way. So to really defy or 'overcome' these fears, it helped that I had to face them. Not theoretically, but for real.
  • I want to live according to the intrinsic values I hold, which stayed at my core, no matter what happened. When all we have built crumbles down, there is no more external power that keeps pulling us to be what we are not. That has been incredibly freeing to me.

Sovereign beings

The big underlying lesson I learned through it all is that we are indeed all Sovereign Beings. Just as I suspected, since, well, forever, we can shape our lives and be in power over our lives in many ways.

That is how my blog A Sovereign Being came to be. I use it to share and compile all my lessons about what it means to be Sovereign, and why it can be hard to embrace this. Enough to write about for the rest of my life. Anything I offer, articles, support and courses, is dedicated to this.

What does Sovereign Being mean?

Before heading off into all the details, I will use this article to briefly describe what Sovereign Being means.

The etymology of the two words point out the following (from: https://www.etymonline.com/word/sovereign)

Sovereign (adj.): early 14c., "great, superior, supreme," from Old French soverain "highest, supreme, chief," from Vulgar Latin *superanus "chief, principal".

Being (n.): c. 1300, "existence," in its most comprehensive sense, "condition, state, circumstances; presence, fact of existing," early 14c., existence," from be + -ing. Sense of "that which physically exists, a person or thing" (as in human being) is from late 14c.

Sovereign Being points to the embodiment of your sovereignty. To be, to exist as a sovereign being/person. To acknowledge, embrace and live according to your full authority and power over your life. Or, in other words, to be the master of your conditions, state, circumstances, the chief of your own life.

The four key elements

To explain what that means if it's applied to life, I'll describe how it shows through these four key elements related to it: Power, Responsibility, Condition or State, and Connection to Love.


In relation to Power, Sovereign Being means:

  • You have the ultimate power over your life; you decide how you live it and what you do with it.
  • You don't give your power away unwillingly, so when you do, you have full responsibility of it.
  • When it comes to your life, nothing, no one, no circumstances truly overrule(s) that power. You have free will, meaning you always decide. You are the one making choices, and you can always make many choices.
  • You acknowledge your full authority and supreme power, embrace the truth of that, and live (act, be, think) in accordance with this.


In relation to Responsibility, Sovereign Being means:

  • As a result of all points mentioned under 'Power', you take full responsibility and ownership for your own life.
  • You understand and accept that you are not responsible for anyone else.
  • You also understand that the responsibility you have for yourself and for your own life has an effect on others. Therefore, your responsibility does include, to a certain extent, how you relate to or interact with others. This is outlined in more detail in an article about partial responsibility, which will be published soon.
  • No other person can place any responsibility onto you without you accepting it. Therefore there is no blame to place on anyone else when this happens. More about this too in the same upcoming article (sign up for my blog to receive it right away when it's published).

Condition or State

In relation to Condition or State, Sovereign Being means:

  • As a result of all that's mentioned under Power and Responsibility, you have both power and responsibility over your State of Being, as well as over the Condition you are in.
  • Your State of Being means the state you find yourself in, like peace, fear, love, gratitude, etc. There are many ways to remain in or return to certain states without rejecting or suppressing states like fear or anger.
  • All the above does not mean you can't ever be a victim of evil or malevolence. It also does not mean you always accept, smile, and walk away. Because sometimes, taking responsibility and 'owning' your authority would mean you defend yourself or ensure whatever occurred does not keep re-occurring.
  • The Condition you are in depends on how well you take care of yourself. Regardless of what life brings, you can always ensure to take care of yourself in the best way possible in that moment.

Connection to Love

Technically, Sovereign Being can 'be' either whilst connected to love, or whilst disconnected to love. However, when you are disconnected to love, your sovereignty is, in a way, limited. (In this context, love refers to our natural state, source, the all – which is a fully unconditional, open state of Love). The reasons why Connection to Love is relevant are as follows:

The field

The field that exists when you are connected to love is a lot more subtle, and therefore in a way, wider than the field is when being disconnected to love. Because through your connection to love, your extent of responsibility is wider. Therefore, also the extent of your power is wider. One of the keys to Sovereign Being lies here; you don't really have power or authority over what you don't take responsibility for.

High vibrational states of being

The states of being (or conditions) available to you when in an open state of love are much wider and of a higher vibration. Read more about this in High Vibrational States of Being, also coming up soon.

I realize that to really explain what it means to be sovereign takes a lot more than one article. Basically, it impacts everything in life. So this all is just a first taster. However, I hope this gave you a glimpse of what is to come. To make sure you don’t miss it, sign up for my blog, and receive all articles directly when published, as well as the weekly Sovereign-Bee mail.