Support Group 'No Heroes'

Support Group 'No Heroes'

Living an authentic life in which you embrace your sovereignty is a road taken by only a few. The courageous journey you embark on is not often celebrated. Of the few taking this road, only very a few are public heroes, celebrated for their hero's journey.

The huge emphasis, though, on the hero's journey everywhere around us makes it seem as if anything less is not worth the struggle. On top of that, the path you follow may seem a lonely one at times. That is partly due to only hearing the (sometimes fake) success stories.

Most people who set out to embrace their sovereignty are walking a 'middle road': Not visible in the way the heroes are, but just as much of a hero for daring to live authentically.

Your path may have led to a lot of loss, frustration, and pain, and you may wonder when the end of the tunnel finally shows up.

In my work, I want to offer a bit of an antidote to the prevailing story of what a hero's journey should look like.

In 2023, I am launching ongoing support groups in which I bring no-heroes together and offer support. You can read about the type of support I provide under by clicking 'coaching' in the menu.

There are some requirements for you to join, so do check if you feel this applies to you:

You are taking (tiny, small, or big) actions to live an authentic life. Even if you don't have a solid plan, you are determined to find your path.
You have a strong sense of responsibility for yourself, you realize you are in charge of your life and do not feel like life is out to get you, even though sometimes it may seem that way.
You are willing to be vulnerable and are able to hold a safe space for others to be vulnerable too.
You can commit to showing up for one 60 minute zoom call a week, during six weeks

The groups will run in six-week cycles, and the experience will be fully attuned to the group members. More details will follow before the end of 2022.

To ensure I am able to hold space and offer full support, the groups are kept small. So if you want to join, sign up right now!

All you need to do is to show up, hold space for others, and share whenever you feel like sharing. The first six-week cycle (January 2023) is 100% free.

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