A session or a series of sessions is always adapted to what it is you need and want. We always start where you may be helped the most and apply what you feel most aligned to. What you can generally expect is one of, or a combination of, these three things:

  1. I help you tune into your inner guidance and wisdom so that you find answers now and learn how to continue the process within yourself.
  2. If required, I help you revive lifeforce that is 'stuck' and can't flow freely. This also helps to get back in touch with parts of yourself you lost touch with.
  3. Through a deeper understanding of why your brain is wired in a certain way, You'll be able to re-wire certain parts. This can help you release limitations and beliefs and will increase compassion for yourself.

Finding Your Inner Guidance and Wisdom:

I help you connect to your body and to what your body is telling you.
I teach you how to use self-inquiry to get to the root of challenges/pain / doubts within you.
Through deep inner work, we move up what is hidden in your subconscious, so that it can be cared for, and eventually, released.

Reviving Your Life Force:

Through energy work, visualization, breathwork, and journeys through consciousness, you are able to:

See yourself, others, the world, from a perspective that is not determined by beliefs, constructs, and limitations
Experience the part of you that is not 'policed' by the ego.
Re-connect with natural states of being beyond fear and control, like: Peace, vastness, timelessness, strength, love, etc.
Release energy blocks in the body.
Heal wounds that are hard to connect with in other ways.
Receive wisdom you don't have access to when you are entrenched in your mind.

Re-wire your brain

Gain insight on the wiring of your brain, and learn about the origin of the wiring.
I draw loops that show you how your subconscious and conscious keep you into repeat experiences, so you can learn to recognize it.
Start to re-wire your own brain by combining what you learn mentally, with the inner work we do

Background and Training

My own journey led me through five years of training and coaching in many different modalities. I use a combination of all I have learned and will highlight some of it here:

Peeling the layers and breaking through barriers

I have been trained for three years in coaching based on 'orientation on being.' This methodology leads one to the essence of who they are by applying ancient wisdom, tools, and psychological insights.

It can help you to break through the barriers of your self-protection mechanisms that keep you confined and limited and lead to an (unwanted) repeat of experiences that are not in line with who you truly are.

You will get insight into pain, desires, doubts, and judgments that want to be released. The speed of progress is depending on how willing and able you are at a certain point in life to release attachments, ideas, concepts, egoic motivations, and self-protection.

Energy Work

Energy Work is an incredible tool. It was part of orientation on being, and I deepened my relation to it through shamanic work over the course of many years. I am highly sensitive to energy and can help you connect to it more yourself. I use energy work as part of my coaching as it helps to deepen the process and continue the release on a deeper level.

Wiring of the Brain

You'll see, when we work together, that the way your brain is wired is often not helping you. We gain insight into why the brain is wired the way it is, which gives you a deeper understanding of yourself. That way, you are able to identify what happens in a situation and make changes to re-wire your own brain.

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The price for a session is €90,- (or the equivalent USD).
One session takes 80 to 90 minutes.
Payment is possible through credit card or bank transfer.